App usage is extremely intuitive for all you need to know is to swipe right to enter the next live room, swipe up to view the product. There are features to scan QR codes or enter live room #.

Streamers earn money by a price negotiated with the seller or a fixed public rate. Each product sold by the user clicking directly on the shoppable product feature will earn the streamers a commission as well. Increasingly, global celebrities are taking note of the trend’s success to sell their own brands: Kim Kardashian sold 15,000 bottles of her perfume in a few minutes with Viya, China’s top livestreamer last November.

When customers click the link on the product or estore, they can browse pictures, watch try-on videos, or catch livestreams, so they now have more ways to interact with brands and are engaged for longer periods of time. Shoppers can also utilize virtual currencies and in-app payments to optimize accessibility and online purchases.

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