Our inspiration is that this challenge provides an opportunity to have an impact on a large user base which is stuck with the trouble of efficient management of their storage space.

What it does

Our solution offers:

  • An effective and smart way to overcome the storage problems and while doing so it also provides a way to make money out of it.
  • Solving one of the major urban problems in growing cities which is efficient management of storage spaces.
  • Reducing suburban carbon footprint through incentivizing the recycling by the means of selling and tracking of stored items.
  • An optimal way of organizing, tracking and selling the storage stuff.
  • Better connection of users with the storage spaces through a mobile and web application.
  • Effective usage of sensor technology by incorporation of RFID tagging of objects.
  • Generate revenue streams for the company. A transaction cut can be made for the company for each item sold and paid version of the application will be available with advanced features.
  • This system can be presented as a value added product to the existing clients of Siili which will enhance the brand image.
  • Data! as the customer base will grow so will the data which can then be monetized in various ways.

How we built it

We divided our system in four parts; Cloud, front-end application, database, backend and RESTful API. We used angular v4 for the front-end application along with bootstrap4 for the styling. We choose AZURE as our cloud to host our applications because it provides a diverse feature base. Moreover, our backend comprise of Node.js WebAPI and PostgreSQL database.

Challenges we ran into

Following are the major challenges we ran into:

  • Finding a specific business strategy to focus on was quite challenging in the beginning as our team solely consists of technical personnel.
  • Setting up a scope for the system was also tough as we had a lot of ideas and narrowing down them to specifically concentrate on the most relevant and impactful ones was a laborious process.
  • Setting up AZURE and cloud deployments.
  • Technical aspects of NFC tagging mechanisms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Teamwork.
  • Setting up AZURE.
  • Coming up with a working prototype as intended in time.
  • Successful integration of NFC tagging in Android application.

What we learned

  • We were inexperienced with the technological platforms we choose and it has been a great learning experience. Especially with angular v4 and AZURE.
  • Technicalities of NFC tagging mechanisms.
  • Storage processes, business cases concerning smart storages, market-place implementations and user needs in the smart storage domain.

What's next for SellSiili

Since SellSiili is a minimum viable product and therefore it has a lot of room of enhancement. We have taken special care while building this system so it is very scalable and even more features can be added to it:

  • A rent feature along with the sale option can be added.
  • A better UI/UX of both front-end and mobile application.
  • Integration of small and medium business with respect to retail stores.
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