Password for the demo site is OxfordHack

We've built the frontend in SquareSpace, Jotform and Zapier. This calls a backend which completes the buy / sell / negotiate transaction on the blockchain. The integration isn't fully connected at this stage.

the purpose was to create a chain that has value in provenance, trackability, traceability but also trading data on a chain. this could potentially be used for multiple use cases such as eliminating a valuator in the future.


the inspiration was the most of the time a product gets sold - the origin and the owner is sometimes hard to determine or cannot be verified. Furthermore, though selling platform do not utilise blockchain, it is important for art works, and valuable products to know their provenance. Our inspiration was to create a provenance blockchain this allows tracebility and trackability

What it does

We created a wireframe of a selling platform in which people can bid (giving useful history on bids, owner ids and interest that can be used in the future to accurately determine price) but also traceability in ownership as non owners of products cannot sell the product if not the owner registered

How we built it

we utilised NEAR protocol as the blockchain and the selling platform is low code/no code

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the near protocol and integration points. Whilst the front end and backend were built we didn't fully integrate the two.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually learning how to do things on the near protocol

What we learned

Have fun in learning :)

What's next for SellOnTheChain

Develop it more

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