What is SellinBot ?

Streamlining and Automating the checkout experience to all messaging apps

Why Messaging apps 💬

In recent years we're seeing that people want ease of communication with businesses

They don't just want to order on a website the phone and jump between apps and websites. they want to get support and make orders right from a chat.

And over the past few years we have seen customer connect more with more personal communication, and we've seen that Chatbots applications for industries have been the technological talk of the town with customers and companies collectively jumped on board with the revolution

Customer satisfaction 👍

Chatbots benefits Customers and Merchants

  • For Merchants and industries using SellinBot, aids in lowering support costs, increasing conversion rates, boosting customer loyalty, accelerating sales cycles and generating more leads.
  • For customers, SellinBot mean faster replies, better customer service, easier sales flow, and a more personal connection with the companies they purchase from.

But Why Now! isn't there chatbots already 🤔?

  • Until very recently May 19th WhatsApp API development was closed but to limited companies, Now Cloud API is open for all businesses
  • This Marks a huge opportunity for businesses that was limited to human based customer support and on using WhatsApp Business app
  • And just Now Social media giants are starting to integrate payment solutions into their apps? Rapyd cloud be leading the turn

And here come SellinBot 🤖

A lot of Chat apps, A lot of customers!

It's a hard challenge to not only implement chat bots on all messaging apps, but also to managing bots in all of the different platform, with some not even supporting chat bots until recently, such as WhatsApp

How do you set the flow, Where does the bots gets the information from?

How do you manage all of that?

With Our Chatbot! … You can manage all conversions and see all of your customers and responses from different platforms in one place

How it works

The short story begins by the user customer managing the Merchant, The bot keeps the customer on the indented flow preset by us or customized by the merchant, and even displays typing effect to make the interaction seem natural

In this case the customer already knows the product after seeing an add for the product and wants to buy it

enter image description here

Sellin continues to make an order on behave of the customer, no jumping between pages after pages, all on the app until it's time for Payment, then a quick jump to Rapyd Checkout

enter image description here

Now the customer pays for the order and Voilà, that's a customer the finished his order quickly and a Merchant that streamlined his operation!

Okay but how does it work Technically

SellinBot have 3 part Frontend: Dashboard built on angular, to monitor bot Operations, Orders, Conversations and Customers Backend: Has two Microservices

  • Bot flow Microservice, that communicates with Messenger and WhatsApp's Cloud API, and manage the majority of DB data flows
  • Payments Management Microservice, that manages authentication and Rapyd Communications

Both microservice communicating to ask and share relevant information Dashboard communicates with both microservices for relevant information

It's important to note that no account other that the ones added in the app users, can message the bot, this is because the app in test mode and not yet have gone to production mode, if you need access to test the bot please contact us

Where are we with SellinBot now?

Our bot is communicates with Meta Messenger only at this time, due to limited development time However we have already registered with Whatsapp Cloud API and we have PoC with whatsapp to register as a Business Service provider which would allow Our Bot to have granted access to other businesses account (after authorization from the business) so integrating the bot with any business would be automated, and as easy for businesses as authorizing an app to manage your FB account

Where we are going with Sellinbot

This development is just a small step in implementing the grand Idea of humans talking seamlessly to businesses on all platforms

Integration With ERPs and Commerce Platforms🔗

One of the most important steps of development is to integrate with multiple e-commerce website such as Shopify and WooCommerce to post orders and get products directly from where the merchant is managing his business

This would allow the business to only use bot monitoring chatbot to see logged conversations and respond to customers from one place

Working with Rapyd

Our aim it to make SellinBot to be the way Rapyd services integrate with messaging apps

Talking to Humans 👩‍🦳👳‍👳‍♀️👩👱👩‍🦱👩‍🦰🧔

With implementations such as NLP by Meta the bot can interpolate the intent of the customer's message and respond with the appropriate flow, not only that, but learn from unanswered questions by the customer that was answered by another human


App: https://sellinbot.com/app/ Website: https://sellinbot.com/

Dashboard GitHub: https://github.com/MoustafaMohsen/SellinBot-Dashboard-UI

Bot Microservice GitHub: https://github.com/MoustafaMohsen/SellinBot Payment Microservice GitHub: https://sellinbot.com/app/

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