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Working as an online teacher either for yoga, music or for coding is difficult when it comes collecting payment because of many reasons.

Single point of control. No any decentralised platform where they can sell their skillsets. Single point of failure. Settling/reconciling the accounts very difficult. The auditing process is very time-consuming. Lots of manual work involved in HR, Manager, Accountant part.


A humble attempt to build a decentralized unified platform where one can sell their skills on Ocean marketplace through a plugin.

Enter the details about your work. Assign the theme Put the payment. Automate the payment on an hourly/weekly/daily/monthly basis. Many more.. Project details Plugin: Plugin is developed where user can host thier live skills like music class, yoga class, teaching. This will be hosted on IPFS.

Backend: Market developed on top of ocean.

How to run

Clone the repo. Open your chorme/brave broswer. Select the chrome extension. Once the extension is loaded, restart the browser. Click on plugin. Get the link and share on ocean marketplace.



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