Sell It To Me HackCMU2018


Our inspiration for the project originated from the large waste of meal blocks. Specifically, freshmen are required to purchase a meal plan which often provides more meal blocks than they require. Furthermore, many upperclassmen purchase food directly from places where these blocks can be used. This is higly inefficient, and we realized that freshmen could sell upperclassmen these meal blocks.

We realized the idea of a buyer requesting to purchase a certain item (rather than a seller offering to sell it) could be applied to a variety of situations, including the food resources at Carnegie Mellon. We then set out to create an application which allowed buyers to directly request specific items from sellers.

How we did it

The website was created using node.js, handlebar html templating, bootstrap, and sql databases. Buyers can create accounts and submit items that they wish to purchase. Other users can then submit bids to fulfill those orders. Items can be sorted into a variety of categories, and information about each item is displayed in an organized table.

Some problems we faced was the difficulty in setting up the server framework and choosing a style for how to actually design the website. We had little to no experience with any of the software involved in the project when we began, but we soon developed a good understanding of how different things interacted with each other.

How we can expand

Due to time constraints, we couldn't implement all the features we were looking to develop including a real time chat to communicate between the buyers and sellers, rating systems for ranking buys, and a lot of small details to the design of both the front end and backend. We still however have a proof of concept of this working and we feel satisfied with how much we learned in the process.



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