We wanted to build an app that makes people laugh..Our inspiration is to make the community happy and cheerful. It will result to increase productivity at work, school, and home.

What it does-

Once you tap to Selief based on your facial expression and user selection Selief android application play music or video.

Additional App Features for video and music.

if you are in anger then Selief makes you make clam

if you are in fear Selief make you motivational

if one is suprise then Selief do celebration

if one is sad a funny video or music selief provides

if one is joy pleasant Seleif enjoys joy with you

How I built it

We build our app with android studio and Android SDK

we used the android studio and android SDK for the Microsoft Emotion API, part of Cognitive Services. - Microsoft/Cognitive-Emotion-Android.

Challenges I ran into

We wanted to add more features on the app but due to the short time, we are not able to add features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have done a product which makes people laugh that's is our best achievement.

What I learned

We learned how to make use of android SDK

What's next for Selief

We wanted to use augmented reality concepts to build a facial expression app and wanted to implement a more advanced features.

Built With

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