The current method of outpatient checkout is time consuming and inconvenient. Rather than wasting time in a line by the checkout desk, patients can approach one of the convenient kiosks located throughout the hospital. There, they can view their personal information inputted by their doctors and nurses during the duration of their stay at the hospital. They can also take as much time as they need without worrying about holding up a line. They can also indicate whether they will need transportation services from the hospital

What it does

A session starts when a patient approaches the kiosk, and presses a button, activating the session. The booths webcam then captures an image of the patient, comparing it to an image on file to authenticate them. Once they are authenticated, the they are able to view the information regarding their stay. Their file has several important pieces of information previously entered by their doctors and care takers, including the severity of their case. They are able to confirm their ability to administer drugs , and can even schedule a ride home for themselves.

How we built it

Image recognition with open cv on was pi, web app in node js, backend with mongodb.

Challenges we ran into

Coordinating the various parts of this project

What's next for SelfOut

Adding a recommendation feature to suggest products to make patients more comfortable when they return home,

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