I was inspired by selfie time-lapse videos of people that are very popular through social networks.

I liked that idea and thought why I wasn't doing that?

The reason was that I was just too lazy to pose everyday in front of Camera and take a picture.

So I thought that machine could do that lazy stuff for me... :)

What it does

If waits for screen unlock than pops up in a very little round window(like facebook popup) to notify user that it's gonna take a selfie. So user gets ready while can see it's entire screen and isn't disturbed at all! He/She can dismiss a capture or take a selfie.

If picture was bad it's deleted automatically!

User can see it's selfie gallery and order pictures by emotion! Than it's just one click to create timeLapse video from there.

How we built it

We used Android SDK because only Android enables us to Popup and make smart selfie suggestion for user. For image filtering and emotion Microsoft Emotion API Than we have several services to manage picture capture, synchronisation with emotion api provider server and than deleting bad images.

Challenges we ran into

It was very difficult to make smart popup because It's not standard UI thing. You have to manage UI from background service.

Also there was difficulties with shape and design of camera preview in nonstandard popup window.

The rest was as expected, scaling down images at gridView, reading asynchronously from disk and than placing data in recycler view (That might be changed).

Also we had interesting discuss about application logo :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we finished all the work on time and application is fully functional!

Application Idea itself is new and innovative.

What we learned

We learned that even in 36 hours you can create serious working application.

Our team skills grew up(even if we where two :D)

We managed to design UI and also make working back.

What's next for SelfLapse

I think next thing will be to make this application ready for production.

To add settings for making timeLapse and for choosing right time for selfie. :)

We may use better API for filtering bad quality images.

Popup window will have much better UI (Even now is good)

We will need to rewrite some code and make it more scalable for production.

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