The hack is the addition of a group-messaging capability to the Selfii.ME GAME app we currently have in the Apple Apple App Store under a 'stealth brand' called Snap-n-Share GAME.

Here's a link to the way it works (shown below): Here's how you get the app and how you login for the Hackathon: #1) Download and install the 'Snap-n-Share GAME' app from the Apple App Store: #2) Login using Username: Product Hunt Hackathon Password: 1234

#3) There ain't no #3, 'cept you can also Post your photo & video messages to our Instagram account at:


1) The 'Selfie.ME GAME' app helps 13-35 year-olds (the 'Fans') connect with each other by letting them play games with their Friends that the Fans create, on-the-fly, using their own UGC photos and videos.

The Fans then Share, Post and have fun by quickly sending visual-media messages made from their own pics, vids, sound and text, all embodied within the app's built-in games that delight and engage in a completely unique way.

2) At the same time the (soon to be completed) 'Devotee.ME' app helps Brands, businesses and entertainment Celebrities (the 'Hosts') engage with the Fans in a natural and pleasing way by providing an unprecedented ability for the Hosts to engage with their current Fans and future Fans (the 'Friends of Fans').


These two apps work hand-in-glove to attract and entertain consumer users while giving Brands & Hollywood 2.0 Celebrities unconventional ability to communicate intimately, often in real-time, with these Fans and Brand-advocates; all while the Fans are deeply engaged in Play with Friends.

THE INSPIRATION: ...for the Hack? This Product Hunt Hackathon.

...for the Selfii.ME GAME app? Team*SiliconValleyGirls >see my Kickstarter Project: In the earliest stages of this project, before we built the first version of the app, I viewed this as mostly as an opportunity to research the market-space, understand the end-user behaviors, determine the costs, and assemble the Team (including TeamSiliconValleyGirls as the Design & Focus Group) — all intended as an educational teachable-moment for my daughter and her friends about business and technology.

All of this academic thinking quickly changed as it became evident that there was a clear and present market opportunity being missed by the incumbent Mobile-Social Messaging app companies that currently dominate this space. It was apparent to me that we could fill this gap — if we built the right product —based on the unique knowledge and perspective that Team*SiliconValleyGirls had to offer in real-world product use and product design-thinking.

Now we've got a company (anEmotional.ME LLC) with my 16 year-old daughter as coFounder (along with me and the best app Dev-Dude on the planet).

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