• !!!Attention !!! Our cloud trial has ended and we got a new one, so we updated our project on github with new trial, please try the latest apk to get results!!!

  • Winner of Fishackathon Izmir 2016.

  • SelFiesh is an android application that offers a solution to 2016 Fishackathon 1st Problem.

  • You can find the problems in Presentation/2016 Fishackathon Final Problem Statements.pdf

  • We made an application in FISHACKATHON IZMIR that recognizes the species of fish from captured image, and it informs the non-expert fisher about legality of catching the fish according to length of fish and the present hunting season. Also it records the hunt data from all of the users for scientific researches.

  • We have tested our application in Android API 22 & v 5.1.1 and it works perfectly without any errors.

  • We have 5 fish in our database which are Bluefish, Seabass, Redmullet, Redporgy, BlueWhiting. You will have the similarity ratio of your captured fish compared to our fish in database. We are able to add other fish but we had no sample photos, it is not a big deal.
    Please pay attention while trying to recognize other fish with our application.

    Team Members:

  • Enes Günday :

  • Ozan Onur Tek :

  • Yağız Özbek Evren :

  • Muharrem Kantar:

  • You can use id=123 and password=h for testing application. Any bugfix are welcomed :)

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