in a discussion with family about disable persons, we talked about alzeihmer and people who confuse other people. Then, Boom! The "Selfies For Disabilities" app is born !

This is the instructions for using Selfies For Disabilities :

Download the app ( link can be founded in project's page ) The app, when opened, will be in shooting mode. ( You can tape on the tiny camera icon to switch to frontal/principal camera° . You will find also an Click on train and the app should select the face of the person you're shooting tape on face name and enter the face name :p Click on Rec . The App will take selfies of your dude. When Rec finish click on stop training. Before to click on Search, you should do rec for at least two persons. Then when you click on search, the app detect the person face and tell who is that person based on the selfies taken before ;)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Giving a new solution to people with blindness and dementia ( like alzeihmer ) andhelp them in their crisis :)

What's next for Selfies For Disabilities

I expect to release soon a more stable version with design and UI improved to public soon . After this, I will work in expanding this app to wearable technologie.

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