When I saw for the first time " Reinvent selfies " my first reaction was Seriously you guys, a hackathon about selfies? . So i didn't have any idea for possible project or how i could give a solution that use selfies in a new way. Fortunately, in a discussion with family about disable persons, we talked about alzeihmer and people who confuse other people. Then, Boom! The "Selfies For Disabilities" app is born !

How it works

This is the instructions for using Selfies For Disabilities :

  • Download the app ( link can be founded in project's page )
  • The app, when opened, will be in shooting mode. ( You can tape on the tiny camera icon to switch to frontal/principal camera° . You will find also an
  • Click on train and the app should select the face of the person you're shooting
  • tape on face name and enter the face name :p
  • Click on Rec . The App will take selfies of your dude. When Rec finish click on stop training.
  • Before to click on Search, you should do rec for at least two persons.
  • Then when you click on search, the app detect the person face and tell who is that person based on the selfies taken before ;)

Challenges I ran into

  • Reinvent the Selfie :p

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Assign to selfies a new role and a new way to use it.
  • Giving a new solution to people with blindness and dementia ( like alzeihmer ) :)

What I learned

  • A hack for selfies isn't a bad idea ;)

What's next for Selfies For Disabilities

Actually, Selfies For Disabilities is in early beta mode. So I expect to release soon a more stable version with design and UI improved to public soon . After this, I will work in expanding this app to wearable technologie.

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