The flexibility of working from anywhere is a boon until the Intellectual property is secured.The level of authentication is limited to the work emails,server ip,etc which makes the data secure.But if the remote accessing devices may be mishandled if they falls on wrong hands . To avoid circumstances of data corruption,mishandling the devices and authentication details another wrapper of authentication with employee personification is added. Functionality: 1.The database is loaded with the employees photo along with the authentication details. 2.A lock is applied to the data/files which require high security. 3.When user requests for such data server requests for another login. 4.The server invokes the camera of user's mobile device. 5.The user captures the image when face detection is done. 6.The image is processed and verified with the users image in database. 7.If the login fails the user must relogin untill authentication is sucessfull. 8.If it fails for more attempts the server messages to the owner of data. 9.He/she crosschecks and decides whether or not give access.

Specifications: 1.Added security for SHARE FILE,REMOTE ACCESS APPS. 2.Less chance of data insecurities. 3.Confidence percent of image recognition is high and speedy because validation is done only with the image data of the user logged in. 4.There is no chance for third party to access data without the users concern.

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