Inspiration: People need one more reason to take selfies. We gave it to them.

The idea is that everyone loves taking selfies. But there is no way to compete to see whose pics are the highest rated and no way to compete with friends. We wanted to allow users to take seflies and challenge others see whose photos could get the most likes. In the future we'd like to implement a tournament challenge mode as well as a head to head mode. Compete against your friends and see who's truly most vain!

Target Users: Selfie addicts! Likeaholic!. Karmawhores! etc, etc

Key features: Live selfie photo stream and live vote system allowing best selfies to reach the top! Lightbox integration (can click photos to view a bloup of them), everything stored using firebase

Future addons: Selfie vs Selfie, tournament mode, comments, sharing, direct upload to and from other social medias, hashtags, challange a friend.

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