I enjoy spending time in the sun but I never know how long I can spend without experiencing a sunburn until it's too late.

What it does

The app allows users to monitor their skin temperature while at the beach in order to get enough sun exposure to get a tan without risking skin damage.

A user first sets the desired tan level and type of sunblock they are using.

A selfie stick planted in the sand can be used to easily position the device with the camera directed at the user's body. They can then use the image preview to make sure the camera is aimed correctly.

Next the user can press the picture button on the selfie stick to take a picture, allowing the application to detect their current skin tone as well as start the monitor.

The monitor uses the settings entered as well as the user's skin tone along with thermal temperature readings to determine when to issue warnings.

Additionally the app warns the user of low battery levels so that is doesn't turn off unexpectedly while in use.

How I built it

Selfie Suntan Monitor is an Android app that uses the FlirOne Thermal Camera and FlirOne SDK to add thermal imaging capabilities to a mobile device.

Challenges I ran into

I was not able to get a hold of an actual FlirOne camera in time to submit the project so I had to settle for adding a simulator mode to the app and use a thermal clip from a cup of hot tea to predict how the app will behave when used by a person at the beach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to use the FlirOne SDK to integrate various FlirOne camera features with existing mobile hardware features to provide a unique user experience.

What I learned

I learned about video image frame processing and manipulating data streaming from a video source as well as how to get creative when designing a user experience for using a mobile device in a non-traditional way.

What's next for Selfie Suntan Monitor

The app could use some further testing and refinement to determine the thermal temperature thresholds that should be used in determining when to issue warnings.

Once I can test with an actual camera and the results are sufficiently accurate, my next step is to submit the project to the app store.


  1. Adjust the camera settings on your phone to use the self facing camera and take pictures with the volume control.

  2. Make sure the volume is turned up on your phone.

  3. Attach your FlirOne Thermal Camera.

  4. Download and launch the app.

  5. Select your tan and sunscreen preferences and press start.

  6. Position your phone so that the camera is centered on the part of your body you would like to monitor.

  7. Snap a picture and click save or continue to start the monitor.

  8. Enjoy the sun!

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