Mobile app for detecting and analyzing faces (age, gender, celebrity )in your photos, made with Meteor and alchemy vision api.

A trending feed of latest analysis made by people.

demo video:

Make sure meteor is installed. To run first clone the repo.

run on simulator.

$ meteor run ios

run on device.

$ meteor run ios-device

If you dont have ios you can android as platform as well. I didn't have the sdk installed.

$ meteor add-platform android $ meteor run android

You can access the app on chrome localhost:3000 just make window mobile sized.

Meteor packages used

  • meteorhacks:async
  • fortawesome:fontawesome
  • juliancwirko:s-alert
  • juliancwirko:s-alert-flip
  • juliancwirko:s-alert-scale
  • natestrauser:animate-css
  • momentjs:moment
  • fourseven:scss@2.0.0
  • meteoric:ionic-sass
  • meteoric:ionicons-sass
  • meteoric:ionic
  • alchemy wrap alcehmy api for meteor

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