We wanted to provide a solution to the rise in mental health issues due to pandemic restriction measures by creating a Telegram bot that could store the user’s nice memories and provide food, fitness and fun recommendations to the user. With this bot, it will allow the user to send nice memories in their daily lives, and if they ever feel down, there is an option where they can be reminded of a past good memory which they can reminisce about. Additionally, the bot is able to provide food, fitness and fun recommendations via forwarding from the relevant channels so that the user can get ideas for meetups with their friends and loved ones, or even take some time off to have a solo hangout. With these social activity ideas, we hope that the user will be able to take time to enjoy the company of their friends and loved ones despite this pandemic situation.

What you learned

Creating a Telegram bot was new for most of us so some time was required to learn about the necessary steps required to do so. During the process, much research was needed to learn how to get our Telegram bot to forward messages from other channels and send it back to the user. We also learnt how to host our Telegram bot using Replit.

How you built your project

We built the Telegram bot using Python and Telegram Bot library and API. Initially, we thought that we could just use the API, but subsequently, we found out that there were libraries available that would were more efficient and could greatly help us achieve what we wanted to do for this project.

Challenges you faced

A significant part of our initial planning had to be changed due to technical constraints, so we had to adapt our plans and brainstorm new ideas on the spot. We also spent a large part of our time figuring out how to obtain the correct message IDs in order to forward messages from channels. Finally, hosting our Telegram bot onto a server took some difficulty as there were few online servers that were free and it took a while to debug.

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