I've used Mental Health tools to feel better, everyday, in 2020, and I truly feel like everyone could enhance their life and happiness so badly, just with a few things everyday. There are a lot great things out there, I wanted to make them easily findable, especially during the events of this year which have caused wreck on lots of lives.

What it does

SelfCare Hunt is a curation of apps, sites, podcasts, newsletters and Instagram people dedicated to mental health. It allows to filter through categories. It presents each tool in a card and links to the corresponding website. Those tools help people understand their emotions, resolve their traumas, learn about themselves, sleep better... the goal is for people to find tools to drastically feel better in their personal or work life.

How I built it

Designed everything in Figma, applied a Style Guide page in Webflow, started building... Took me about 8 hours I'd say. Used CMS Collections for the tools. Used Jetboost for filtering. Really wanted to craft a pretty website for people to feel welcome, and want to dive into the tools. I chose warm, soft colors and round fonts for this purpose. The card design is meant in the same way : allowing playful presentation & interactions. I had already a good set of apps on my phone an App store download history, so the curation wasn't that hard. Used Product Hunt to find others like the ones I had.

Challenges I ran into

I feel like my biggest challenge was to fit all my ideas and ambitions into those 24 hours ! It was really creative and I really feel grateful for the organizers as I probably would never have built this idea I've had for a while.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The curation of tools in just a few hours. The card design and navigation. Color styles & fonts feel like I wanted them to feel.

What I learned

First time using JetBoost! Great tool, the process is amazingly simple. Really like doing this hackathon, makes me want to challenge myself on my own.

What's next for SelfCare Hunt

My goal is to share this project to a lot of people, to make social impact by helping people feel better, track their mood, resolve their traumas, through those awesome tools. I will of course share this on Product Hunt once the project is a little more mature, and perhaps other platforms and self care communities.

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