It's annoying to have the mask always on as it is suffocating. Everytime there isn't anyone I try to take it off and breathe but right then someone arrives.

So this mask solves the problem by automatically opening the mouth and nose area to help me breathe freely.

It uses a ultrasonic sensor to detect people in the proximity and the opening is motorized with a servo motor. Also it has capacitive touch input to toggle between modes. It has auto and manual mode. Where the user can bypass the sensor and can control the opening. We designed the whole thing in fusion 360 and simulated the latching mechanism as we had less time and didn't want to realize any mistakes after printing.

We couldn't print some of the parts as the printers were busy. So had to make some parts with cardboard. Also had battery placement issues. Placing the battery on the mask would make it heavier and uncomfortable to wear for long time. Also, servo had some jitters which we solved with some capacitors

Finally we were able to build what we designed on software and it works just like we simulated.

As we were not sure whether the parts would be ready by the end. We decided to simulate the mechanism. In process we learnt about creating assemblies and simulate motion between parts.

there are some design changes that we would like to make and once we have a corrected version. We plan to make it open source so that anyone can build it.

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