There is no centralised place where data about all quarantined users is stored and their symptoms updated in real time Identify data anamolies, surges, cluster detection is currently manual City/town planners and government needs to see data in their GIS systems Reaching out to home quarantine patients who need urgent medical care Leverage AI and Machine Learning to predict cases requiring ICU and Ventilation

What it does

A simple app has been built to work on android devices, can be ported to iphone as well A simple registration process can be done in the beginning of Quarantine period, there can also be option to do self quarantine for people when disease spread goes wide spread.capture mobile number, name, gender, address, date of birth etc, we can collect aadhaar or ration card number, any definitive document id which can help identify family members, income, location, passport, next of kin etc People can update their temperature, selfie photo, symptoms(headache, vomiting, breathlessness, cough), with each record timestamp and gps coordinate is recorded as well.planned but not yet implemented Data can be extracted or shared for a individual, or a group, locality or as aggregate With this data we can build dashbards, this data can be put into prediction engine and predict high risk patients and mortality, we can find new clusters and plot them on GIS system This data can then be plugged into call centers of 108 ambulance system, NDRF

How I built it

Name Role A. Senthil Nayagam CTO (Idea Development, R&D) S.Selva Venkatesh Development Team Deepak
Guru Moorthy
Ganapathi Advisor Mariappan Advisor Balakrishnan V Advisor

Challenges I ran into

Getting approval from authorities in launching the app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First app that facilitates government and health officials to monitor the health conditions of people under quarantine

What I learned

What's next for Self Quarantine App

Upgrade with more health condition parameters and alert parameters with dashboard for health officials

Built With

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