This is designed to inform educational reference - not provide medical advice. You should always consult your doctor when it comes to your health, or before you start any treatment.

Guideline reference for managing GDM : Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Diabetes & vascular Center in Korea. ( DIABETES CANADA’s guideline (

"Self-managing Diabetes for Moms" is an Alexa skill to provide a chance to change into a healthy life. You need to mind various things in life to manage diabetes: eating, exercising, thinking, stuff you need to be aware of, and more.

Health behaviors signify every behavior you do to manage GDM. Recording meals and exercise, steps, stress, sleep, weight, and the blood glucose which is like the result of these health behaviors - that is the first step towards health.

We offer FAQ compiling information on control methods such as basic information, nutrition, and exercises needed for managing GDM as well as answers to the questions you might have. Moreover, don’t miss the information on conditions of the mom and the baby per perinatal period.

MomsCode-Gestational Diabetes Management Service is not for diagnosing or treating illness and is only offered for the purpose of managing health. Information for interpreting health behaviors is based on the guidelines of Korean Diabetes Association and Diabetes Canada.

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