Self Genic was inspired by the hardships of the recent year. Both the mental and physical health of everyone has been negatively impacted worldwide. Having a tool that could have a positive effect on someone during these times served as our inspiration and motivation.

What it does

Self Genic aims to help you vent your frustrations, meditate on your thoughts, and help you stay in shape.


Research has shown that simple act of writing your thoughts down, and then discarding them, will cause them to be mentally discarded as well. Self Genic allows users to type their thoughts out, and discard them, by burning away the note is written on. This will hopefully serve as a method of venting negative thoughts.


Due to recent restrictions, many people have access to varying amounts of workout equipment. To solve this issue, Self Genic is also able to recommend workout routines to users. It can recommend specific workouts to users based on the equipment available to them. The workouts range to cover the entire body, and are hoped to promote physical health regardless of the users circumstances.


With the stress of work, school, or other responsibilities, having a moment to decompress can be helpful. Self Genic provides a deep breathing timer for users to synchronize with. These deep breathing exercises can reduce stress, and improve mood.

How we built it

The Self Genic website was created using the following technologies

  • ReactJS
  • Spring Boot (Java)
  • MySQL
  • Bulma CSS

Challenges we ran into

Our team is multidisciplinary, consisting of students from computer science and medical science. Due to this some of us were experienced with the technologies used, and for others it was their first time. This created a learning curve for a few teammates, and while it was passed, took great effort (and help from mentors of course). This lead to some of our goals having to be paired back, but we were still able to deliver the key goals of our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For 2/3 of our teammates, this was their first time using React. With guidance, they were able to implement several of the final pages present in our website. We are also proud of ourselves for seeing through this project to the end. Near the middle of the hackathon, a few teammates were doubtful of being able to submit on time. We were able to work hard, and create a tool that we cherish creating together.

What we learned

Our computer science student was able to gain learn and gain more experience working with full stack web development. The 2 medical science students in our team both were able to create portions of the front end experience of the website, and this was their first experience ever doing so. They were also able to learn about the development process that goes into software, and how software development in a team environment works.

What's next for Self Genic

If we had more time we hoped to of implemented several more features to the website. These included: is one future improvement we would like to make. , me, track user stats from that

  • Generating a full weekly workout schedule based on the already recommended equipment available workouts
  • Time tracking users meditation times is for them to compare to in the future
  • Tracking usage stats over time to see which portions of the app are use more often, to determine where our efforts should be focused

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