Inspiration - I am very interested in AI, and was particularly curious about how Tesla is making self driving cars, so I tried building one myself.

What it does - This drives a car based on camera input from a car, although as of now, I'm just getting input from a game on my screen. Then, it drives the car based on predictions from an AI model.

How I built it - To build it, I first had to make a program that loads in the data in a nice way, then to convert it to something that computers can understand, numbers. Next, I how to build a model, which is the architecture that lets the car train on the data. Then i trained it, which took a while. Finally, I make predictions using that model

Challenges I ran into - Loading in data, training the model

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - How the car can reverse and turn, that it even drives, and that the data is actually loaded in

What I learned - Projects take time and patience

What's next for the Self driving car - Training the model much, much more

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