Technology continues to increase the efficiency and speed at which we complete everyday tasks. Catching a taxi, staying in touch with friends, and now buying groceries. It's not about reinventing the wheel, but instead leveraging existing innovations.

What it does

Use our Android app, Self Checkout, to do just that:

  • Scan items anywhere in the store
  • View virtual shopping cart
  • Checkout with ease

How we built it

Using an Android app as our base, we called both the Barcode Scanner and Android Pay from Google Play Services. Next, we sent our generated Android Pay Token securely to our server on Digitalocean, which then calls Stripe to complete the transaction.


  • Feasibility at small scale
  • Security when passing Android Pay Token
  • Limited documentation for the nascent Android Pay

What's next for Self Checkout

  • Implementing geofencing in order to determine the exact store that a user is in
  • Creating a freemium or subscription based business model
  • Sending user notifications

Rapid Expansion, Global Implementation, World Domination

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