Self care is often a second thought, and we wanted more women to put their mental health first. Many of us spend a lot of time on the internet, whether it be working, browsing social media, or reading the news. But internet comes with a lot of distractions which decreases our productivity drastically but more than that without adequate self-care, any of these activities can negatively impact mental health. This is why we decided to create a browser extension to send self-care reminders that could directly target women while they use the internet.

What it does

Once a user logs in, the extension will track their browser usage time. Users can set the frequency of self-care reminders. At the specified time interval, a notification will pop-up, reminding them to take a break. The extension viewer will also provide random suggestions of activities they could do which can be anything between "Taking a walk" or just "Drinking Water".

Few of our features

  • Tracks user's internet browsing time
  • Sends user notification to take break on the specified time interval
  • Provides user self care break suggestions

How we built it

First, we started off by designing our database model and our extension UI for our backend server which helped us to get a clear picture of our application and helped us to create roadmap to build it.

We used Figma to make our application design and Adobe Illustrator for the design of our logo and task icons.

Figma Design

We then build the frontend of the extension using WebExtensions APIs for Firefox together with HTML,CSS and Javascript. After that we used Flask to build our backend server where we did all the user authentication, data handling and made various API end points to communicate with our firefox extension.

Technology Used

Backend: Python/Flask
Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebExtensions APIs for Firefox
Design: Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Challenges we ran into

Working with Firefox extension was something none of us had done before. So, one of the challenges we went through was undoubtedly the learning curve as it was really difficult for us to understand the entire workflow of Firefox extension. Also, handling the dependency was very challenging and because of lack of community it was really difficult to debug various issues and errors we went into as we had to be very heavily dependent on the documentation however it was an amazing learning experience. With that being a very distributed team with a very difficult time zones it was really difficult to collaborate so we made a point of using the best GitHub practices for collaboration which helped us a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being very new to all of the tech stacks that we used we are super proud that we were able to build a working prototype of our extension with all the key features in such a time frame and a product which we will actually be using ourselves in future. Also, we are proud of the fact that were able to learn so much in such a short timeframe,

What we learned

  • Collaborating with a very distributed team using GitHub best practices
  • Making Firefox extension
  • Building Flask API endpoint
  • Using JSON Web Token (JWT) token to transfer data

What's next for Self Care Reminders - Firefox Extension

  • Add email validation when user registers
  • Add visualization to give the user clear picture of their browsing habit
  • We were able to host our API however didn't find time to publishing our extension which we hope to do soon

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