I realized recently that a lot of the issues I have had with motivation and focus as well as stuff ranging from "not feeling great" to feeling pretty down were related to not taking care of my needs enough - things like putting off eating or showering, not having gotten enough sleep, being too hot or cold. And often I can't really tell that well which one of these it is purely by the feeling of it - when I realized the extent of it I started doing a fair amount of mental inventories of whether it made sense for the issue to be various things, but it was difficult to get to that point, and I also struggle to remind myself that a lot of the time these things have a concrete physical source. I figured something to help do + motivate doing the "mental inventory" would be pretty useful for people with similar experiences who struggle to do that/get to that point.

What it does

There are two parts: a Needs Questionnaire, where the app asks you how recently you have done things like eat, shower, hydrate, whether it might make sense for you to be hot or cold, etc. And Needs Alerts, where you can set up reminders to do things you tend to have difficulty with. (The former part isn't currently done, and the latter isn't set up at all yet.)

How I built it

I started with an app template in Xcode and then used the storyboard.

Challenges I ran into

The interface was pretty overwhelming and I've had trouble figuring out how to connect buttons to functionality, particularly toggling functionality based on input.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked on something and submitted.

What I learned

There are a lot of tools to make stuff like this that make it surprisingly less intimidating.

What's next for Self-Care Helper

I'd like to make it fully working and then potentially eventually make it "learn" from what you tend to have issues with and make suggestions accordingly.

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