This is an app to improve mental health and self-care, a topic that was relevant before the pandemic and even more now. I created this project alone and I was inspired by the use of automation in everyday life. I previously saw a website where anyone write nice messages and it will generate one when you have a bad day so I thought this would also help with taking care of yourself. It helps create a difference between work and me time which is getting a lot harder as we’re doing both at home, in the same area and we are constantly seeing notifications from work when we’re trying to relax.

What it does

My project generates a random activity and a quote for the day. The activity is something to take care of themselves and improve mental health and the quote is motivational to give them drive and perseverance throughout the workday, which is becoming harder in the pandemic.

How I built it

I built my project using tkinter in python, which allows you to build a GUI and apps. I hadn’t used tkinter before this challenge, so I had to watch tutorials and learn from others.

Challenges I ran into

I also had issues with using the files in my code, but I managed to figure out by trial and error. I had to implement lots of new modules, and it was the first time I had used OOP in a real project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of & What I learned

I’m proud that I have learnt to make a GUI and I have started to learn about front-end which is new to me. I’m also proud that I managed to meet the deadline and I learnt so much about all the different features. I also know now how python can access my folders and use it to build something cool.

What's next for Self-Care Activity and Quote Generator

I would like to add more features and activities for it to generate, possibly a bigger button and be able to make it into a fully functioning app so others can use it. I would also like to generate a YouTube link for the activities generated e.g. if it’s to workout, a workout link, as it would help people actually do the activities. Also, I would like the quote to notify the person again after every 5 hours to make sure they have motivation and they can implement the quote into their daily lives.

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