I have seen many peoples who live in remote areas, who move from one city to another in case of job postings. These people don't know about availability of hospitals, clinics, medicals and verified doctors near to them. So, we have developed a platform where people can easily connect with verified doctors near to their area by searching for doctors on our platform based on location. The people of remote areas even big city people don't know about the latest medical schemes provided by the government. So, they can't use these very crucial medical schemes for their own. Our project will aware all patients about government medical schemes with eligibility criteria. Their are so many people who are handicapped and faced difficulty in going to the hospitals for regular checkup of basic body parameters. Our project have IoT based box (a wellness device), which will help patients to have their normal body parameters reading at their own home and they can share their readings with doctor.

What it does

This project is for all those peoples who live in remote areas, valleys, hills, for those who are often move from one city to anoher because of buisness meetings and other things. All these peoples do not know about the availability of doctors, hospitals, clinics near to them. Even in case of COVID-19, this software is best to search doctors, hospitals, medical shops and clinics near to them. On MEDI-BOOK, patient can search doctors based on location selected and specilization of doctors. The major advantage of this web application is that peoples can see Government provided Medical Schemes very easily. This feature is not available on any existing projects. This software also have chat system through which patient can send their symptoms, previous medical reports and readings from MEDI-BOX to the selected doctor of any country and doctor from their end can prescribe patient very easily. Patients can have their MEDI-BOX readings on this software. Pateints can book appointments of any doctor. One of the major feature of MEDI-BOOK is that it will show live tracking of COVID-19 cases and news on it for the sake of patients and every time new case occurs in the area of patient, he/she will get notification of it automatically. If we see on larger picture, this software will going to help a lot to the world if we launch it. With this, we have a wellness device "THE MEDI-BOX" which is a small box that can be connected with an android application and measures the human body parameters which includes "BODY_TEMPERATURE, PULSE RATE, ECG, HEART BEAT" and also "LIVE READING OF POLLUTION, AREA TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY" of the area in which patient is currently stay, to check whether the current environment is suitable for the pateint or not. This box is easy to carry. All the readings will automatically send to cloud, MEDI-BOX mobile application and MEDI-BOOK software and these details will shared with doctor. We are now working to convert this box into a wearable band.

How I built it

It is built using basic programming languages and backend languages. I used thingspeak cloud for medi-box data storage and mysql for medi-book data storage.

Challenges I ran into

Sending real time data to cloud, but I made it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Patients now will be aware about medical schemes which they can use for their own welfare. Patients can easily connect with verified doctors near to their area. Patients can have their wellness checking at their own home very easily.

What I learned

How to gather all data and use of web scraping also.

What's next for Self Aware

We will work on it and we are working on turning the medi-box into a wearable band and adding more functionality to them.

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