Inspiration was created by high school students who have a personal connection to this project. We strive to encourage positive thinking and to lessen the stigma around mental illnesses. This is why we developed, a web app to promote self-reflection to recognize the negative aspects of our individual lives as well as connect you to a support system to allow you to let out your thoughts. We believe we are mental health advocates and hope will make a difference in the world.

What it does is a web app that is specifically designed to encourage self-reflection and connect people to their support systems. Our facial, audio, and text recognition software allows our software to assess an individual's wellbeing, all the while connecting them to the necessary support systems, including family and counsellors.

How we built it

We built as a flask app with a python backing composed of a sophisticated AI system with CHAR-WORD-LSTM and AWS AI. The front end is rendered by flask and included HTML, CSS, bootstrap and javascript. We integrated the Twilio API to send updates to the user's support group which aligns with our mission of higher connectivity between individuals and their support group.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges, especially due to our team of members with varying experiences and knowledge. There were challenges faced with transferring the templates onto Flask due to particular limitations on Flask. Developing the LSTM algorithm from scratch caused a multitude of difficulties which had to be solved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most significant accomplishment from this event was the LSTM algorithm created and parsed all from scratch. Although it was quite difficult and time-consuming, being able to code such a complex algorithm was the most rewarding experienced at Hack the Hammer II

What we learned

Working as a group with diverse technical ability taught us important lessons about collaboration. Additionally, less experienced members learned new programming languages and skills to be used at future hackathons.

What's next for hopes to collect data from a variety of individuals to better evaluate the mental wellbeing of our users.

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