Creating a community of digital marketing experts to work as freelancers in order to help empowering businesses and helping them grow. This is aligned with the future of work economy model we are transitioning into.

We noticed that the current alternatives for SMBs with a limited digital marketing budget were all ineffective:

  1. Running the Marketing by themselves >> They are not experts
  2. Working with an agency >> For small budgets, the work done is mediocre, generally talking and the fees are high
  3. Hiring a Freelancer >> Lots of guesswork, not being sure if a certain expert is the right fit for the business needs.

What it does

A talent management platform that connects growing SMBs with the most suitable digital marketer based on the business needs and the specialist particular abilities. The platform is designed to simplify the business operations while increasing productivity. It covers the entire workflow including finding vetted talent, onboarding, marketing automation, customer communication, payment and reporting. All, to enable businesses full transparency to the performance of their talent, no matter where it is on the planet.

How we built it

Modern Python for back-end, cutting-edge JavaScript for front-end. And a lot of sweat.

Challenges we ran into

Convincing Marketers to join the community and provide access to their marketing Facebook accounts (In order to vet marketers)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing ongoing projects (and payments) to several marketers.

What we learned

We are only as good as our marketing specialists are.

What's next for Selectom

Expanding to other fields beyond digital Marketing campaign management.

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