I chose my topic because I know children who are experiencing selective mutism. I wanted to see if I could come up with something that could possibly help them in school.

The website I created is meant to allow the student and the teacher to interact in a pen-pal like manner. The student should be able to communicate to the teacher indirectly using an Augmented Reality and it should simulate talking in person. I wanted the child to be able to speak freely about topics they enjoyed or wanted to engage in because it could help them talk more comfortably and develop a bond with the teacher.

I built it using AR.js tutorials online, some of my prior knowledge in web design using javascript, html and css on Visual Studio Code.

A challenge I ran into was developing the augmented reality because it was my first time attempting it. The tutorial I watched had a 3-D object, but since I did not have a model of the teacher, I had to change it into a png of the teacher and it was challenging. I also did not have a team because I had time constraints due to my schedule and was afraid to let down my team members. I would have loved to have worked on this as a team though.

I am quite happy with how the augmented reality turned out. Even though it was small and glitching a little bit, I feel inspired to learn more on how to improve in the area of virtual reality. I'm most happy with being able to have the opportunity to think about ways I can help people with selective mutism because before, I felt like I had no agency whatsoever.

I learned about how to be patient and to work efficiently and effectively during a time-constraint since this is my first hackathon. I also learned revolutionary ideas that apply AR development and computer graphic simulations to help people live better. This was a new environment for me and I really enjoyed being able to commit to something that could possibly make a positive difference in someone's life for the better.

I would really like to look for more ways to approach the health issue in the future and one day I'd like to work on a VR-like simulation like Professor Zakhidov's lecture. The Augmented Reality Teacher I made was rough and I want to refine it.

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