We don't know what the world needs, but it's changing rapidly. Transformative education, motivation and a sense of confidence are only half of the story. We must learn to deal with fears, uncertainties and pains suffered in the past. Society's expectations of education are growing, therefore new methods, mindsets and approaches are absolutely necessary.

What it does

Our Visions Workshops bring people together, helps them to build trust and create a common vision for a common future.

How We built it

We were the guinea pigs. We got to know each other by sharing information about the tools and knowledge we were bringing to the party. We build trust by taking the time to share and listen. We used our own knowledge, experience and tools to create our common vision. We documented every step, every thought, every feeling every action.

Challenges we ran into

The experience itself is our goal. Creating a tangible product out of intangible personal development is difficult, to say the least.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Creating something tangible out of the intangible.

What we learned

That we are still learning and have a lot yet to learn.

What's next for Selbstwirksamkeit und Zukunftsgestaltung

According to the Dragon Dreaming Theory describing a project cycle you should start by dreaming, then comes planning and thirdly carrying out the project. But then comes the party! And after that...we're going make the world a better place, one little step at a time!

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