I had epilepsy from age 7 till age 17. Most of the epilepsy patients can predict when the seizure will happen at least 5 seconds before. This made me to search for solution and this is it.

What it does

The user will do an unique gesture using Myo band and it will send an Emergency Alert message to the person that user saved in the app. After the seizure incident, it will ask the reason why the seizure happened because it will give a visual represtation of possible triggers and the list of the every episode.

How we built it

We used Andriod Studio to built the app and integrated Myo band from MLH store and programmed to do certain gestures and if the certain gesture is true then it will send automated message from the user phone to the preferred phone number.

Challenges we ran into

We had initial struggles to connect the Myo band and intergrating it to the app was the most difficult challenge we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made the Myo band to work sucessfully!!! and able to send an automated message from user phone to the important person's phone.

What we learned

e learned how to sync hardware and software together.

What's next for Seizure Helper

If we have better band with better accurracy and motion detection we add more features for seizure Helper that allow more tangable functionalities to the user. We can take this to next level if the user got into accident based on the impact on the band it will send automated call to 911 with location. Also, we can improve women's safety if they found unusal activity around them.

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