We wanted to make something that would help people everywhere even if its only slightly. After Apple announced watchOS3 came out, we decided to make something that would use the new features. Then after a few brainstorming sessions shortly prior to the event we decided to make Seizure.Alert()

What it does

Seizure.Alert will detect if you are having a seizure with the apple watch on. After it detects that you are having a seizure you are given a short countdown to notify the app for a false alarm. If not, the application will send a text to your emergency contact where they can promptly contact 911 (or even contact you to make sure everything is ok)

How I built it

This project was made in a team of 4. It runs on iOS 10+ using swift 3. The app uses core data to store contact information, health kit and core motion to detect body signals and finally the twillo api to send SMS messages.

Challenges I ran into

Swift 3 was just newly announced but because of the features that were released with the language we decided to build the project on it. This, of course, lead to huge difficulties as the language had deprecated a lot of common functionally in Swift 2 (or less). And because none of us prior had really developed in Swift - it was quite difficult ramping up to create the project. Sensors and body detection were a problem but ultimately we were able to overcome these challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished the project! It's always an amazing sense of accomplishment when you are able to step back and showcase the project you were working so hard for. It took a lot to overcome these challenges and as a group we learned more than what we even thought possible.

What I learned

I learned a lot just about Swift and developing with the Apple Watch. As a team we each had our assignments and I can proudly say we fulfilled them well.

What's next for Seizure.Alert()

Better detection is key! The more accurate we can be at detecting harm - the better the app will do

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