We want to contribute to the digital transformation of the Brazilian government, modernizing one of the main electronic process systems used by more than 500 public agencies and millions of employees.

What it does

The "SEI 365" connects with the main ECM software used by more than 500 agencies of the Brazilian government, and provides productivity and intelligence resources for the users' daily lives.

Key tasks such as listing and approving processes or documents can be completed directly from the work hub, Microsoft Teams.

In addition, with the use of AI resources, we provide intelligent notifications to users about processes and documents - contributing to the efficiency of processes, saving time and public resources for Brazilian society.

Our App is an Intelligent Assistant for all Brazilian public administration employees.

How I built it

We integrate Microsoft Teams with more than 500 instances of SEI software installed in each of the Brazilian published agencies.

The integration, authentication and security model was developed with Azure - mainly with App Services, Storage Accounts, CosmosDB, Functions and KeyVault. AI features are based on Azure Cognite Services, in particular QnA Maker and LUIS.

Challenges I ran into

SEI software is an obsolete platform, developed over 10 years ago, and does not provide a modern and robust integration model. It also does not have extensive integration documentation.

Our engineering team must do a great job of discovering integration capabilities, and modeling robust data cleasing services using Microsoft Azure services - to provide the consumption of this information on adaptive cards and notifications for Microsoft Teams.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built the MVP in 2 weeks and presented it to 10 government agencies together with the local teams from Microsoft Brazil. All the agencies showed a great surprise with the integration. There is great potential for transforming day-to-day work.

We have approximately 10 government agencies and 800 users in a pilot phase, and we are waiting for publication in the app store to expand the launch.

Earlier this year (2021) we were selected by the Microsoft for Startups program.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the extensibility potential of Microsoft Teams, we are happy with the flexibility and development productivity for our engineering team.

We also learned the importance of the scalability and performance of the Azure backend.

What's next for SEI 365, GOV Assistant

Our main goal is to launch the app in the store, to expand the number of users and collect feedback for the next development sprints.

We are developing functionalities for integration with meetings (Teams meetings extensibilities) to contribute to our long-distance service model, which should be used widely by all government legal agencies.

We are also evaluating integrations with other software on the Microsoft 365 platform - in particular Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook

Built With

  • azureappservices
  • botframework
  • dotnetcore
  • graphapi
  • qnamaker
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