Hi, we're Charlie Vallely and Keith Perhac, the creators of SegMetrics.

We're marketing automation experts who have been helping clients get the most out of their Infusionsoft marketing by creating sophisticated campaign funnels, and providing detailed reporting on their performance.

As the sophistication of Infusionsoft's users grows, so does the need for more and more detailed and esoteric data. Charlie and I found ourselves spending the majority of our time exporting Infusionsoft data into excel to answer our clients' business questions.

After a few years of this, and a growing disdain for excel, we decided to build something to make our lives easier.

What it does

SegMetrics is most easily understood as Google Analytics for Infusionsoft. We work with Infusionsoft's comprehensive data to provide solid and valuable analytics to our customers that is impossible get from standard javascript-based reporting tools.

One such metric would be lead value over time. This is an incredibly important metric for marketers to understand: How do leads from (example: Facebook) perform 6 months down the line. Or a year?

Other analytics platforms don't have access to the actual data that powers our customers' business. Connecting directly to Infusionsoft's data allows us to report on trends months or years after a lead opts in -- impossible with Javascript based solutions. It also allows new customers to get immediate value out of their data, as we can report on previous purchases and optins as well.

We take the existing reporting from Infusionsoft and supercharge it by being letting users do a real-time dive into the data, just as they would with Google Analytics or KissMetrics.

Here are just a few of the metrics we report on:

  • Lead Value over time
  • Revenue generated by lead source
  • Ad monetization
  • Affiliate performance and ranking
  • Step values of campaigns
  • and much more

How we built it

We built the initial project lean and powerful, focusing on getting actionable data to our existing customers. We wrote an article on the initial launch here

Since then we've been modifying our assumptions, finding more use cases, and adding new features at a breakneck speed.

Challenges we ran into

Our first biggest challenge is that everyone wants slightly different data, and no-one know exactly what they want. We've been perfecting our on-boarding process and communications to help people understand the data, and start getting better information, faster.

Our second biggest challenge has been data download from Infusionsoft. In order to keep the data up to date, we need to make sure that we have the latest changes for every contact, purchase and tag. For purchases, that's easy, as we just grab the latest ones. Tags are easy, because there are usually less than 2000 tags in a single account.

Contacts are the tricky one.

Since many of our customers have 100,000 ~ 500,000 contacts, we didn't want to do a full import every time for performance reasons, and so we used the LastUpdated field to only grab users that have recently changed. However, we noticed an issue where updates to a contact when using the Campaign Builder or API wouldn't update the LastUpdated field (especially for tags). This has required us to go back to a full sync of the Contacts table every time we do a call. This has been a solved challenge, but still requires a large amount of computing resources to sync the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing I'm most proud of is the graphing and data structures that we've set up. Data analysis is a VERY tricky field, with a lot of gotchas, edge cases and obscure requirements.

We've developed a strong analysis suite that lets us create new data analysis engines at a rapid pace, bringing in new analysis types as customers request them.

What's next for SegMetrics

We've got a lot of on the docket for SegMetrics, including:

  • Campaign Email Reporting
  • Funnel Reporting ala KissMetrics
  • Better Affiliate Reporting and Leaderboards
  • RFM reporting
  • Facebook and monetization reporting with live Custom Audiences.
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