Are you engaged in a long distance relationship? Do you often spend long hours planning your trips to meet your beloved one?

We have the solution for you!

Our webapp helps you monitor the flights on the route you and your partner do in order to find the best way to get together, week after week.

We offer you a notification service to warn you when a significant change in price is seen in your itinerary, or when your partner have found an interesting flight and want to share it with you.

Thanks to our payment service, we plan on enabling you to share the purchase of a flight with your partner, so each of you can contribute to the payment in case one of you wants to help out the other.

Finally, because you are not the only couple travelling across your route, we bring to you some useful tips from a couple in the same situation as yours.

SeeUsoon is a custom made travel agency answering the needs of millions of couples sharing their love across two different cities

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