"Imagine you're the first person ever climbing Mount Fiction. After days of hard work, you reach the summit and relish in your accomplishment. You open the seesaw app and create a new post. No one else has ever posted atop Mount Fiction so you will forever have the first post.

Years go by, and once again you choose to climb Mount Fiction. Since the last time you made the climb, hundreds of others have followed in your original footprints. When you reach the summit the second time, the seesaw app is now packed full of people celebrating reaching the top. Way down at the bottom of the list you see your original post and the community that has formed around it. That is what inspired the idea of seesaw and the model we hope to continue with."

seesaw is an iOS app designed to promote local communities by allowing people to share interesting things or events that are occurring right in front of them, and all done anonymously. Once a user has left their post or "footprint", it is attached to a geographic point on a map and is only visible by other users that are around that same area. Users can comment on other footprints around them, but once they have left the area with the footprint, they can no longer view it, that is until they return to that area.

seesaw provides local communities with a new way to share with each other and promote new discovery in a familiar, Geocaching like atmosphere.

Get out there and leave your footprint!

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