Know before you go. Tired of missing out on a great night because you didn't know where the party was at? With Seen Surfer you can see the scene from anywhere.

What it does

Provides Real Time Data Analytics on bars and restaurants so users can see where they want to go by checking the live data or predict where to spend their night based on our historical data, accomplished by using camera feeds being analyzed by AI. By using aws rekognition we can use real time pictures to generate valuable data, we can see user emotions using AWS Rekognition letting us provide a better resource than companies like yelp who rely on user input, often skewed by the few who review opinions'.

How we built it

AWS Rekognition, NodeJS, Swift, Firebase, IOT devices.

Challenges we ran into

AWS Kinesis, We originally set out looking to develop the app in this but along the way realized its limitations for running rekognition prevented us from using it to get the rich user data we sought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to provide our app users with useful Real Time information about their surroundings. Our users can predict when and where to go out based on our historical data or simply check the live scene data!

What we learned

We learned how to use Kinesis data streams with IOT devices, the power of rekognition combined with useful user data properly processed and presentted by our algorithms.

What's next for seensurfer

Downtown Miami saving you from sitting in traffic just to go to a dead club.

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