We are inspired by the fact that current maritime tracking system is not efficient to meet the customers’ needs in many ways.


What SeeCargo does is to solve the problem of “Where is my cargo?” and paperwork transmission issues by tracking each container by photo recognition and centralizing data.

Techniques we use

We built this solution with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technique that enables camera recognizes identifier on the container.


Challenges we run into are first, OCR has some limitations on the distorted pictures or photos, second the positions of the cameras to take pictures of the container are difficult to determine.


Accomplishments that we are proud of is that we bring up a better idea for a current existed solution by tracking each individual container instead of tracking vessels. We are able to overcome those challenges by planning out future steps. We are also open minded to collect every one’s idea and put them into the pitching slides.

Lessons Learned

  • how to bind a team and motivate the teammates
  • how to use OCR package in Python
  • How to address the various needs of different people
  • How to take in and process lots of contradicting advice from people

Next for SeeCargo is to keep developing our idea and pursue partnership with some maritime organizations.

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