Inspiration came from many train journeys, which helped to see and experience problems being faced by railway industry.

What it does: Application helps for travellers to spend their time on the train in a useful way by getting to know many interesting facts about their route. It is possible to up and down vote notifications that only the best content would reach our customers. It also checks for local events on the route and finds tickets to visit them on available time with friends by booking train tickets. At the end of train journey people are ready to move on, so our app suggests taxi services, nice food restaurants, places to visit and many more.

How I built it: It is built on many platforms: web application and android app. Many ours were spent to develop required services. In the future it will be on iOS as well.

Challenges I ran into: I had to learn new programming languages in a very short time. It also required finding new ways of solving problems which we were facing doing application development

Accomplishments that I'm proud of are: dealing with a huge load of work and not breaking under pressure.

What I learned: I learned to cope with pressure, improved my programming skills.

What's next for SeeMore: we will try to fully develop this application and launch it for public . After getting experience in UK we are planning to move to USA and other EU countries.

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