In schools we many time see that when we our taught about tourist places , we like to visit the place instead just seeing the picture. It even makes the study boring. So our team came up with the idea through which students can at least see the complete 3D model a particular monument/ tourist place.

What it does

Our project presents the information of some monuments along with their pictures. But there is a special feature that the user can also see the 3D model of the particular monument. It will make learning about monuments fun. This project is especially made for young students.

How we built it

We built it using the following- 1)HTML 2)CSS 3)EchoAR

Challenges we ran into

The EchoAR links of the model suddenly stopped working

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our team had perfect coordination and the spirit to complete the project on time.

What we learned

It was the first time that we used EchoAR using it was fun.

What's next for SeeMonuments.Online

Currently our project has only few monument's AR models. If we get chance to improve then we will like to add more monuments with realistic models. We will also add a Virtual Reality feature due to which people can feel that they are really seeing the monuments

NOTE- The AR links from EchoAR suddenly stopped working. So our project wont be able to show the AR models as we told. We are extremely sorry for that.

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