Inspiration: Both of us have parents who don't understand English well and don't really know how to use technology and navigate their way through websites and apps. From this, we wanted a way for people like our parents to have a simple way of getting more information and learning about what they can do to help themselves, and possibly protect others, during the pandemic.

What it does: The app provides a multitude of information on a singular platform for users to access easily. It allows them to see the nearest testing sites and medical facilities, and some information that can be found include the amount of resources they have, how many people they are currently helping, what tests they offer, and other information they may add. These locations will be able to update their information through the app for the general public to see. The app will be available in multiple languages

How we built it: We actually have not been able to build our app in time for the submission, and we essentially lack the knowledge to create our app. However, we are more than willing to learn how to begin working on our project, and we would really appreciate being able to further develop our app. We came up with all the elements we'd like to include in our app for our project submission.

Challenges we ran into: The main challenge we ran into was incorporating aspects into our app to make it unique from other websites and apps. Many types of apps and websites have been created due to the pandemic that help people look for resources and testing sites. We had to come up with a lot of different ideas to be able to make our app different and prove that it is worth developing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Honestly, being able to follow through with our idea, hitting all the guidelines required, and submitting our project is an accomplishment we are truly proud of. No matter the outcome, we are happy we participated and were able to build on an idea.

What we learned: Not only did we gain experience from working on our project (especially within 24 hours), but we also learned a lot from the workshops offered on the first day. For us, the workshop regarding business and entrepreneurship really helped us understand more about what the field is like and how it works in real life situations.

What's next for CoronaMaps - An Easy Way to Seek for COVID-19 Testing: Ideally, we would like our app to benefit people affected by the pandemic worldwide and make it available in many languages. If self-testing kits become approved of and available, we would like to include a way for people to request them through our app. If our app were to successfully be implemented into the world, after the pandemic, we want to possibly modify it to fit everyday needs, such as providing information about a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist for someone.

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