Our Initial Vision

We wanted to democratize finance. Our project brings the tools and information neccesary to create the foundation of trading algorithms, and puts it on a platform that even an aspirational high schooler can access. With Seeking Algo, we hope to provide tools that will allow investors of all skill and experience levels to test their ideas, as simple or as complex as they come, on decades of financial data, including:

  • Equity markets daily opens, closes, highs, lows, volume
  • Debt markets daily opens, closes, highs, lows, volume
  • Several dozen macroeconomic events, as mined from news sources that have been digitized, including unemployment reports, interest rates, and geopolitical conflict, to name a few
  • Inter-period price variation, volatility variation, and short interest

These tools can be fined tuned by the user, and as soon as our application is done crunching the numbers, there is instant feedback for the investor as to how their algo would have performed in the time period that they have selected. Hopefully, with enough exploration, investors will find algos that run so well on historical data that they will incorporate these trading strategies in their own investing, helping them find some alpha after we have helped them to seek their algorithm.

Where we ended up

We were able to compile several years' worth of financial data, and deployed a web app that lays out the user interface for future functionality expansion. We spent a large sum of time devoted to the pursuit of interesting conclusions from the usage of IBM's Bluemix and the host of Twitter tools, specifically the language analytics. Ultimately, we did not include the Twitter features in our final product, but got to realize the true power of Bluemix. In the end, we added a basic chat application alongside the web app, which Bluemix allowed us to gracefully craft in about 4 minutes. Overall, while our production didn't meet our original expectations, I'm sure my teammates and I all had a valuable experience these last 24 hours

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