We were inspired by the compassion of humanity to help each other in times of need. First responders face dangerous and life-threatening situations every day for the sake of helping others. We would like to help first responders around the world by lessening the threats they face each day.

What it does

Seeker is a drone controlled by a PS4 controller. It utilizes a raspberry pi camera module in order to transmit a first person view of its surroundings directly to its operator. The live stream features both a regular view and a thermal camera, which helps locate people who may be obscured by rubble. It also has a compass module integrated into it, allowing for directional tracking based in inputs and movement.

How we built it

We used an basic Arduino robotics chassis, combined with a PS4 controller for remote control and a raspberry pi with a camera module and an Adafruit thermal camera. Additionally, a wood piece was used to mount an Adafruit compass module. We powered the system using motor drivers and a combination AA batteries and cell phone power banks.

Challenges we ran into

The Seeker required complex multi platform coding in order to work properly, and due to its weight, the small DC motors used had difficulty propelling the chassis forward. A mapping feature utilizing the compass was scrapped due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to successfully get the majority of the features of the seeker operational.

What we learned

That integration of different platforms and coding languages can be more challenging then first expected.

What's next for Seeker: A lifesaving drone for first responders

Stronger motors, a better power supply system, a more integrated visual system, and a flame retardant casing would theoretically allow Seeker to be deployed by first responders

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