SpartaHack Project for Telomere Length Research


Ekrem Guzelyel - CS at IIT

Enes Kelestemur - Molecular Biology at Lake County College


To empower people by showing different life styles versus aging. We encourage people to change their lifestyles, and provide a solid proof that it actually make a difference for their lives.


We compare patient surveys for their habits versus their telomere lenght of their leukocytes. We built multiple ML models, and decided to use a fully connected neural network in order to make the predictions.


This study may include sensitive information. Use it in your own will.

Main Files:

Predictions.ipynb to run the code and visualization.

Data usage:

We gathered the data from online sources, primarily from Prof. Blackburn's lab and National Center for Health Statistics. The data is publicly available; however, we preprocessed it with our own parameters. Do not distribute without authorization.


The Telomere Effect by Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD & Eliss Epel PhD.

National Center for Health Statistics

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