Education is a main aspect of the society. There are various methods to gain knowledge. But to most of us, nothing feels like the personal tutoring or another human being. We are so adapted to learning by listening to another person so that some people can’t even concentrate when using other learning tools. We probably won’t need the help of another person right now. But as students at one point we get in situations where having another person explaining the lesson in a more simpler way can be really helpful. Difficulty arises when finding mentors. There are so many volunteer teachers who likes to teach others for free. But students and mentors don’t have a good way of finding each other due to absence of a proper method.

What it does

Seek is a geo location based voluntary teacher and student pairing service. Seek helps students find the voluntary teachers nearby to learn anything they wish. Mentors are paired according to your preferences (like speed of talking), location and the subject they are knowledgeable in. This is specially useful to university students. Say that you want to learn some part of Machine Learning in more details because your lecture content doesn’t cover enough of it. But where will you find a suitable person to teach you machine learning? This is where seek comes in. It searches for nearby volunteers who are good at machine learning. And the both parties can arrange a time for the mentor session through the same app. Seek also promotes the social aspects of students, allowing them to meet more people in the subject areas that they are interested in.

How we built it

We used Ionic framework to build the mobile application as it is cross platform and could support wide range of users. Currently most of the business logic is in the application itself. But originally it will be implemented via a Node.js server.

Challenges we ran into

The searching functionality is the biggest challenge to be tackled within Seek. As of now Seek gives the priority to closest mentors. However in the upcoming updates, it will facilitate a complex search feed where other the priority will be shifted to other features as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of finishing up the prototype up to the current level within the duration of the hackathon xD

What we learned

We learned lot of new things about the latest Ionic framework version and Firestore as none of us were much familiar with these technologies.

What's next for Seek

Seek will have lot of more features in the future including,

  • Searching users based on the teaching style
  • Automatic suggestion of study circles using a recommendation system

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