Our team was inspired by the difficulties experienced by recent arrivals in Australia with conventional English classes. Community English classes are not necessarily appropriate for the varying level of competencies of this group. The community does however have many enthusiastic volunteer English tutors, and our product aims to bridge the gap between these two groups.

What it does

Connects volunteer tutors to persons seeking assistance to improve their English or extend their learning experience.

How we built it

Our marketplace product is a mobile-compliant website.

Challenges we ran into

Recognising that our product requires staged development in order to attract and retain volunteer tutors in the first instance, and secondly to invite targeted service utilise our product with potential clients.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a multi-lingual and easy to use interface suitable for users who may have no computer experience nor English competency. Easy for caseworkers to introduce to clients, or first time users with some computer experience.

What we learned

We developed a much in-depth understanding of challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face in their initial learning experiences. We recognise that migrants lose motivation to learn English when faced with the stereotyping experienced on arrival into a new community. Our solution hopes to assist with the students building confidence in approaching such a service and hopes to raise awareness within the community that such a service is beneficial in the broader sense.

What's next for Seek n Teach

Develop and test a pilot to ensure that the user and tutor profiles are reflecting the diverse filters and criteria required by our target audience. Testing and correcting our booking procedure.

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