We constantly find ourselves wonder: "What should we watch today?" With 20,000+ movies and 6000+ shows, we never know which title is worth trying and far too often end up spending hours browsing or choosing a bad movie. At the same time, there are great movies that we have been meaning to see but either forgot or a friend at our movie night already saw it. We can search with IMDB/Google but it doesn't know us well enough to give us good recommendations, and Netflix only allows me to add the movies to my list that are currently in their library.

What it does

The SeeIt app simplifies the movie-selection process. So you always know what to watch with curated content driven by your social circle.

How we built it

We used Figma to create the prototype. The initial database frame was built with mongodb.

Challenges we ran into

The backend database has been started but due to our lack of a front-end developer and timing, we weren't able to integrate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First time Figma users! We also really enjoyed developing the flow of the app from the problems that we saw in the movie-selection process.

What we learned

There is a template for most things in life! We ended up getting inspiration from pitch deck and Figma templates, and will continue to implement in the future!

What's next for SeeIt

We would love to get a front-end/full-stack developer to link the back-end with our prototype! This way we can start to build out the AI functionalities. We'd also love to team up with some UX designers who can take our layout to the next level!

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